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Apprenticeship Program

Our three-year milling Apprenticeship Program is designed to help high-school graduates turn a passion for working with their hands into a long and rewarding career. How does it work? Through an ongoing mix of schoolwork and on-the-job learning, you will develop the skills and capabilities you need to become a Shift Miller in one of our mills. From day one, you will be treated as a full-time team member and you will be paid for your time at school as well as at work. The ultimate aim is for you to progress all the way to Head Miller, overseeing the day-to-day operations of one of our milling facilities.

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Meet Our Current

Day in the Life

What's its like like to be a Shift Milling apprentice at Ardent Mills? In this video, you’ll hear from a couple of our apprentices and fellow milling team members and learn what a day in the life of an apprentice is like. Find out if you want to be a Flour Maker!

“What I like best about being an apprentice is just day-to-day new opportunities”

Zach Melin
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“Love the community. I do love the job. It can be hard work but all around its good fun and keeps you learning every day.”

Jacob Pierzyna


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