What We Make
Makes Us Special


Our Culture


No two Ardent Mills workplaces are exactly alike. Each of our locations has its own local flavor and there are unique elements to every environment and team. But as you travel across our business, from our mills to our mixing facilities and from our Innovation Center to our HQ, there are some special features you will find cropping up time and time again.




One is our commitment to collaboration, especially across departments and teams. Another is openness – everyone has a voice here, no matter what their role. And perhaps the biggest of all is support. Working here is like being part of one big family. You know you can rely on the people around you and every team members is happy to give help and advice whenever it’s needed.


Our Benefits

A dynamic, fast-moving environment. Friendly and supportive colleagues. The chance to do work you can believe in and be proud of. These are some of the best things about working at Ardent Mills. But they're not the only benefits we offer.

We go beyond the basics. Whether it's making your salary go further. Whether it's helping you find the right work-life balance. Whether it's offering opportunities to continue learning, add new skills, and hone your talent. We take pride in offering a variety of benefits focused on taking care of our team members and their families.

Contact your recruiter for location-specific benefits.  

Everything Matters
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  • Competitive time off programs
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision benefits for you and your family
  • Options to help you save money with Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts
  • 401(k) plan including company match and additional company discretionary contributions
  • RRSP and TSFA savings programs
  • Life insurance and disability benefits
  • Relocation support
  • Access to Employee Assistance Program for you and your family
  • Mental health benefits, including free sessions with a therapist
  • Access to Discount Program
Spend Time with Family
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  • Fertility, adoption and transition-related benefits
  • Coverage available for same sex and domestic partners
  • Parental leave - for both parents
  • Well-stocked mothers’ rooms
  • A free service to send your breast milk home while traveling
  • Wellness resources and competitions, including a company paid Fitbit
  • Team get-togethers, with your family and the community
  • Commuter benefits
Grow Your Career
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  • Dedicated skills training
  • Cross-training and job shadowing
  • Paid time to give back to our community
  • Workshops/training focused on Leadership development
  • Tuition Reimbursement with work flexibility to attend classes
  • Professional Certification Assistance

We want our team members to have the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and become everything they want to be in their careers. We have lots of tools and resources to help make this happen, including formal training programs and robust leadership development. We also know how important experience is for career success, so we have created structured ways for team members to take on projects and rotational assignments, and gain exposure to different areas and teams.

Hands-on learning

Want to learn about Ardent Mills inside and out? There are lots of opportunities here for you to gain a deeper understanding of our business if you’re willing to seek them out. One way is by taking on projects that have real impact, especially ones that involve working in cross-functional teams.


“I thought I was organized before but, on-the-job learning has opened my eyes to additional tools and new methods that can help me progress and grow. I have learned so much about project management and about how to expand clarity throughout the organization to help us all succeed. ”

Amy Garrison - Procurement Manager
Foundations of Leadership

Many of our team members are given the opportunity to take part in our Foundations of Leadership program. Through a mixture of coaching and project work, the program helps you build an end-to-end understanding of our business and develop the skills you need to lead a team effectively. Senior leadership is closely involved with the program, so it’s a chance to meet and network with key figures and build valuable relationships across the organization.


“After 10 years in my career, the Foundations of Leadership program gave me the energy shot I needed to self-evaluate and understand I can still make big impacts and still challenge my own status quo.”

Seth Beyer - Production Manager, Lake City MN

Looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? Our A*spire Leadership Development Series helps senior leaders within our business strengthen their capabilities further in areas such as strategic leadership, emotional intelligence, resiliency, and coaching and developing others.


“Aspire is an intentional commitment to develop others by developing yourself. It’s an ongoing journey about your whole self and being strong mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Through Aspire I have learned more about who I am at my core than I thought I would. It is unlike any other leadership program I’ve experienced and I truly feel it has made a positive change in not only my leadership style, but my personal relationships and lifestyle as well.”

Meredith McGregor - Retail Channel Manager
Leadership Development Program (L.D.P.)

Could you be one of the Ardent Mills leaders of the future? Over the course of six to eighteen months, our Leadership Development Program will expose you to a variety of challenges and experiences as you prepare for success in a site leadership role. Learn More about our Leadership Development Program.


“The Leadership Development Program sets employees up for success with Ardent Mills, you are given the tools to build your own future. With the countless opportunities that Ardent Mills offers to grow within the company take full advantage of your time in the program and you will have no excuse not to be successful.”

Matthew Grace - Pack and Warehouse Supervisor
Intern Program

A summer internship with us offers an early taste of the milling industry that can provide you with skills, experiences and insights that will stay with you forever. Over eight to 12 weeks, you’ll have opportunities to learn about different areas of our business, network and collaborate with Ardent Mills colleagues, and get involved in challenging project work. Do well, and you may be offered a full-time position, potentially on our Leadership Development Program. Learn More about our Intern Program.


"If I could describe my summer with Ardent Mills as one word, I would choose 'home.' Ardent Mills in Culpeper, Virginia was a place that I could call my 'home away from home.' I've never met a group of people so passionate and supportive towards this industry and to each other. Every day was a new adventure and I am so thankful I got to have this experience."

Halle Sparks - Former intern
Foundations of Leadership

Many of our team members are given the opportunity to take part in our Foundations of Leadership program. Through a mixture of coaching and project work, the program helps you build an end-to-end understanding of our business and develop the skills you need to lead a team effectively. Senior leadership is closely involved with the program, so it’s a chance to meet and network with key figures and build valuable relationships across the organization.


“I was fortunate to apart of the inaugural cohort class of Ardent Mills’ Foundation of Leadership training. This class brought together cross-functional leaders and gave me the opportunity to build new relationships and think differently about the business. I was able to build more self-awareness about my leadership style that helped me grow into a more effective team member and leader.”

Jaime Russell - Marketing Manager

Our Responsibility

We want to be able to feed the world long into the future. And that means continually innovating in the area of sustainability and working to improve our environmental impact across everything we do.

On Farms
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Ardent Mills partners with Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture as an Associate Member, collaborating with a diverse group of stakeholders across the value chain to support farmers in advancing continuous improvement.

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At our Oregon bakery, we have taken the necessary steps to earn our RSPO certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

In Our Packaging
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In our packing facilities, we are conserving paper by converting from 3-ply to 2-ply bags.

On The Road
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On the roads, we are partnering with our carriers to reduce GHG emissions by maximizing payloads, converting to alternative fuel sources and participating in the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program.


Wherever we are, we're an integral part of the communities that we live and work in. That also applies to how we work. Minimizing our environmental impact is important to us. We repurpose byproducts, run energy-efficient mills, deploy natural gas trucks and reduce waste. When your team is as friendly, supportive and close-knit as ours, anything seems possible. Whether it’s the farmer who wants a thriving business to pass onto his children, or that a round of golf can help to feed thousands of families. Take at look at what you could be part of when you're part of our team.

Boys and Girls Club

See how the Decatur mill team supports the Boys and Girls Club of North Central Alabama. We continually support the communities where we live and work by donating products, volunteering time and talent, and supporting local businesses.


Ardent Mills hosts an Annual Golf Charity Golf Tournament. In our first year we raised $100,000 for Food Bank for the Heartland and have had a steady increase in donations each year since. 

Partners in Food Solutions

Since 2017, we have teamed up with Partners in Food Solutions to help connect Ardent Mills team members with small and growing food businesses in eight African countries. Volunteers give their time to expand our reach on a truly international scale by sharing our expertise and food industry know-how to improve quality and efficiency with African businesses. 

Community Involvement at Decatur

Our mills and facilities are the heart and soul of our company. Each one has a personality of its own - a reflection of its people and community. We're proud of our team and are committed to giving back to the communities we call home.


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